K Cups… Dunkin Donuts vs. Starbucks

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In My Opinion….

  Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts KCups


I really love coffee… a huge cup in the morning and an afternoon jolt to keep me going thru my long work days. I have owned a Keurig Coffee machine for years now but when I saw Dunkin Donuts KCups and Starbucks KCups available , well let’s just say I was one happy girl!

On weekends I love a good cup of hot coffee but for some reason I like iced coffee during the week…. Keeps my taste buds happy I guess.

I tried the Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla KCup and it had a pleasant mild vanilla flavor…thankfully not a fake vanilla taste some KCup brands offer. I must admit the flavor is not bold though.

I tried the Starbucks medium house blend KCup … Wow …that coffee for a medium blend is great…bold and certainly tastes like I drove in the drive-thru for a $3 cup-a-joe.

I really must admit if I had to pick only one box to buy it would be Starbucks. Dunkin’s flavor was good but the Starbucks KCup tastes just like what you get at their coffee shop.

Also a great side note….. The Starbucks blend is strong enough to cut thru ice and not get watered-down when you brew your own iced coffee…

Drink up…at home for much less than the coffee shop…but just as good!!!!

Xoxo-glam girl