Twenty Dollar Trendy July 2012

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Twenty Dollar Trendy

July 2012

I love summer and July gets HOT so here are some hot summer deals for under $20 that will get you thru this season in style!

Wear a bright lip color this July to really pop … try

 Click Here: Face Stockholm for JCrew lipstick $20

 I love my heels but my feet hate my half-way thru the day! Keep these nude leather flip flops in your bag, desk or car & still look chic

Click Here: Gap Leather Flip Flops $19.96

Going on a last minute getaway & want a new pair of casual flats ?!

Click Here: Wet Seal Zoey Bright Canvas Shoes $14.50

 XOXO- Glam Girl

My Favorite Shoes : ZARA

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My Favorite Shoes: ZARA

I can’t help it but love shoes …and Zara … so here are my favorite shoes from ZARA… I really need a raise to buy them all !!!  Anyone want to send me a pair?!?!   I’m a size 7.5  :)

Here are my “Fun Picks”






Here are my “Casual Picks”


I was serious about someone buying me a pair :)
XOXO- Glam Girl

Couture to Copy : Quilted Pumps

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I really love how these simple quilted pumps by Brian Atwood make such a style-statement… “I’m Classy but Love A Little Drama”.

I must have these pump … really how can you not? They are so appropriate for work, not just another boring basic black pump, but still conservative enough… and yet put on your perfect LBD on the weekends they are just as stylish!


At just under $600 it might be a deal-breaker for some but don’t fret my dear… I found you a pair for under $100.

 CLICK HERE: Paris Hilton “Coco” Quilted Pumps, $94.99

Can’t spare even $100 this month? No worries… Kim Kardashian & Shoe Dazzle have you covered for under $40

CLICK HERE: Collins Quilted Pump, Shoe Dazzle $39.95

Who can say no to $40 shoes that look like they cost hundreds? Not Me!!!

xoxo- Glam Girl

Platform Couture Bow Patent Pump

                   Couture to Copy

Valentino Platform Couture Bow Patent Pump


I am certainly not a girl who can resist Valentino’s obsession with bows. Their purses are beautifully & the heels are glamorous. As wedding season soon will be upon us I think we all know it is necessary to have in your closet that perfect show to go with your well thought out wedding guest outfit. Now we all know you take your shoes off once you hit the dance floor but you need that striking shoe for when you walk down the aisle… as a guest of course.

I know the right shoe is just as important as the right dress and for this lady there can be no other classic formal shoe than Valentino’s “Platform Couture Bow Patent Pump” which comes in various colors of red/black/nude lace/black lace/gold metallic color/ bronze pearl and will cost you $745…it is like filling up your oil tank …and that heats your house for a few months!

CLICK HERE: Platform Couture Bow Patent Pump, Valentino $745

Sometimes a girl has to make some sacrifices …but not on style, just the maker. I found a great look-a-like that won’t even make a dent in your wallet at under $100 but comes with all the glam by Paris Hilton. Yes, Paris Hilton has a shoe collection but I must admit from a girl who owns a pair of her heels, I get compliments every time I wear them & while they are sky high they are VERY comfortable.  Paris’s shoes come with hot pink soles and I really have to admit her “Señorita” it is hard to tell the real from the fake apart! Just imagine how many other pairs of shoes you could buy with that savings… or maybe use it to fill up your oil tank for heat & still wear your fancy shoes to all those weddings & showers this spring & summer!

CLICK HERE: Senorita, Paris Hilton $89 

See you barefoot on the dance floor! :)

xoxo- Glam Girl