Back from my Blogger Break!

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Back from my Blogger Break

… Because I had a Baby Girl!!


That is correct ladies and gents, Glam Girl is now a mommy to a beautiful and healthy (thank you God!) baby girl … We shall call her Baby Glam :)

My pregnancy was relatively smooth with some scares along the way which is why I felt I needed a blogging break to relax and focus on staying healthy to ensure a healthy pregnancy … And now I am back to blogging … While my little fashionista naps :)

Basically I dress up Baby Glam in a new outfit everyday and headband and bows to match!! Baby Glam has a huge shoe collection and I only expect it to soon rival my own collection – gee I hope we will be the same shoe size one day!

With that said I did gain 35 pounds during my pregnancy – and I have about 12 left to lose…. I need motivation to get these pounds off but even more with full access to my kitchen and pantry on a daily 24/7 basis … It’s easy to cheat! LOL

This blog will continue to cover fashion, food and now baby items !!

xoxo, Glam Girl

In My Opinion… Bikram Yoga

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In My Opinion…

Bikram Yoga Review

I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with Bikram Yoga. About 5 years ago I took a few classes but in the middle of July so coming out of 103 degree room after 90 minutes of hot yoga into the hot July air wasn’t fun. This time in mid-Septemeber I’m back at it!  This yoga is long & hot but what a great detox! My pores feel so open & my skin is so soft from it, even though I felt faint during 1 part of class last week :)

If you haven’t tried Bikram Yoga – awesome for stretching- I would certainly say talk to your doctor & if you are cleared TAKE A LESSON – you will LOVE IT !!

XOXO- Glam Girl

bebe’s Bridal Collection

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In My Opinion….

bebe’s Bridal Collection


Well it looks like we have another bridal salon to check out for reasonably-priced wedding gowns with bebe’s new bridal collection created by designer Rami Kashou of Project Runway and Project Runway: All Stars. You can pre-order dresses currently and either buy online or at 4 locations : Oak Street in Chicago, Soho in New York, Rodeo Drive and Aventura in L.A..

This dress is cute from the front & would be perfect for the rehearsal dinner but the back makes your tush look HUGE.

 CLICK HERE: Swirl Ruffle Asymmetrical Silk Dress, bebe $298

Oh very Vegas & Sexy !… or maybe prom?

 CLICK HERE:  Embellished Halter Charm Wedding Dress, bebe $850

hmmm… beach wedding?  This one I don’t really like.

 CLICK HERE: One Shoulder Silk Wrap Dress, bebe $278

Hello Kate Middleton-wannabe….. just saying… not sure if i love the lace-tee over skirt look. Our favorite Duchess did better.

CLICK HERE: Lace Princess Sleeve Dress, bebe $2500

Oh goodness I don’t even know how to comment on this dress …. FUGLY

 CLICK HERE:  Off Shoulder Tulip Trumpet Wedding Dress, bebe $1800

This dress is simple & classic…

 CLICK HERE: Drape Top Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress, bebe $1650

I found the dress I should have worn to prom !!! Can I go back?!?!?!

CLICK HERE:  Organza Bow Princess Wedding Dress, bebe $1400

 This dress is so simple yet is so bold I really like it!

 CLICK HERE: Silk Taffeta Wedding Dress, bebe $1650

WOW …if this dress doesn’t scream look at my boobs… hate it

CLICK HERE: Pleated Sweetheart Silk Wedding Dress, bebe $1650

I should just go try these on for the fun of it!!

XOXO-Glam Girl




K Cups… Dunkin Donuts vs. Starbucks

In My Opinion….

  Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts KCups


I really love coffee… a huge cup in the morning and an afternoon jolt to keep me going thru my long work days. I have owned a Keurig Coffee machine for years now but when I saw Dunkin Donuts KCups and Starbucks KCups available , well let’s just say I was one happy girl!

On weekends I love a good cup of hot coffee but for some reason I like iced coffee during the week…. Keeps my taste buds happy I guess.

I tried the Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla KCup and it had a pleasant mild vanilla flavor…thankfully not a fake vanilla taste some KCup brands offer. I must admit the flavor is not bold though.

I tried the Starbucks medium house blend KCup … Wow …that coffee for a medium blend is great…bold and certainly tastes like I drove in the drive-thru for a $3 cup-a-joe.

I really must admit if I had to pick only one box to buy it would be Starbucks. Dunkin’s flavor was good but the Starbucks KCup tastes just like what you get at their coffee shop.

Also a great side note….. The Starbucks blend is strong enough to cut thru ice and not get watered-down when you brew your own iced coffee…

Drink up…at home for much less than the coffee shop…but just as good!!!!

Xoxo-glam girl

IN MY OPINION: bareMinerals Redness Remedy

In My Opinion… 

bareMinerals Redness Remedy

Some women buy various blush or cheek polish to give their apples a glorious blush pink glow… I have a natural pink tone to my face… and I’m trying everyday to tone that down! I guess the saying is true you always want what you can’t have .

There are products you can buy over the counter that say they work but the question is do they work like what you can get a a dermatologist office? Well I am a beauty-junkie always at various makeup counters and I like mineral makeup so while at a Bare Essentuials boutique I saw “Redness Remedy”. For $27 I couldn’t resist … just visiting my dermatologist costs almost $100 ( I have a huge deductible plan :( ) and add at least 2 products when I leave I’m out a good $250 … if it does works it is like I found this product 90% off from my usual!! SCORE – I hope…

CLICK HERE: Redness Remedy, bareMinerals $27


My Mission: Use this product for 3 weeks to see if bareMinerals Redness Remedy actually did what it claims: reduces redness and additionally minimize the appearance of broken capillaries.

My Daily Use: Apply every morning & night after my moisturizer (I used bareMinerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer with Rare Mineral Active Soil Complex)

My Results:  Sorry to say I don’t see the redness on my face any less red after I applied then before! This was disappointing to me after reading so many positive reviews online but on a positive note the brush that comes with the mineral complex is very soft and the redness remedy mineral itself smells lightly fragrant, lavender maybe.

Unfortunately it looks like I have yet to find an over the counter treatment that is more cost effective than the dematorologist but that works just as well… or at least works!

My search continues & I will give you my results on the next product review!

I’ll see you in the Return Line!

xoxo- Glam Girl